Day 1085 & Replacing LISS with Walking

Day 1085 Record Keeping
Day 1057 Fixed Meditation (10 min)
Day 931 Writing (misc tasks)
Day 471 Rowing (LISS, walking, 1 hour 20)
Day 212 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, hip stretch, back smash)

Early to Rise
Day 240 Sleep Recording  (4|10|11)
Day 211 Bedtime Curfew 
Day 49 Wakeup Alarm

Bad sleep, ok wakeup. 

Replacing LISS with Walking

I think my LISS cardio should really be walking outside, and I think I should only do it on the rower if it’s raining or for some reason I can’t go outside. I think that I have some serious seasonal affective disorder syndrome, especially given my apartment, which does not allow much direct light in the winters. I went to the beach and it just made me feel so much better to be out among people and my city.

I was listening to a Timothy Ferriss podcast where he interviews Mr. Money Mustache, and he talks about doing things that maximize efficiency and happiness. Walking seems to be one of those actions that kills several birds with one stone - finances (it’s free), workouts, becoming an outdoors person, creating a better work/life balance. Nowadays I often feel like I’m in a cage just treading away at habits. 

That’s great, but it makes me feel bored and restless, which in turn becomes a gasket that needs release. A controlled release like this is far more preferred than one due to a loss of control.

I tried a walking habit a long time ago which evaporated, but I feel this will be far more solid because it’s attached to an already established routine.