Day 108, Second Danger Zone Revisited & Travel Protocol

Day 108 Record Keeping SRHI = 62
Day 76 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 61
Day 22 Burpee SRHI= 56 (2x6)
Day 122 Eating SRHI = 55  
Ok sleep, bleary wakeup. Depressed yesterday.

Second Danger Zone Revisited

In THIS post I mention a possibility of a second danger zone due to falling record keeping SRHI scores. Well today I have a falling score with Fixed Meditation, and this is something I’ll have to keep an eye on. Is it depression? Am I attempting to habituate too many things? Is it a fluke? Only time and further record keeping will find out.

Travel Protocol

UNFORTUNATELY, i’m adding a whole new variable to the mix. I’ll be traveling extensively throughout Brazil for the World Cup. As such my protocol will have to change to accommodate the change in daily routine.

With most of my habits I’ll just reduce them to TinyHabits - 2 burpees still counts. For my eating habit my intention is to  eat one clean meal a day and have that count. Fixed meditation doesn’t take long anyways.

But record keeping is dicey - it’s a habit that can’t be made tiny-er. I’m looking into offline survey creation and scoring programs so that I can keep it on my iPhone (so far no luck). I think my best bet is to have this all by hand - the low tech methods are often the best.

I know this will completely throw everything out of wack. My main goal is to just get through the next three weeks - even if the habits are ragged, even if I miss a bunch of record keeping, so long as I am doing it afterwards, I’m fine.

Needless to say, it is doubtful I’ll be blogging much - but I’ll try! Wish me luck!