Day 107, Depression, and Breaking 4 Months

Day 107 Record Keeping SRHI = 59
Day 75 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 69
Day 21 Burpee SRHI= 45 (2x6)
Day 121 Eating SRHI = 51  
Bad sleep, ok wakeup. Felt down yesterday, depressed this morning.

Recording Depression

I think it’s important to note depression. I think that depression comes into play more during “danger zones” - I also think depression tends to effect individual day’s record keeping, as evidenced by today’s lower SRHI scores.

Breaking 4 Months

On another note, I didn’t properly celebrate - Yesterday was the longest I’ve ever gone on an eating plan - 4 months. Breaking that 3 month mark was hard, and as I said before, it’s interesting how 3 months seems to be akin to breaking the 4-minute mile.

That’s not to say that I was perfect. But even continuing to monitor despite mess ups for over 3 months seems to increase endurance depletion to intolerable levels - something my record keeping habit helps with immensely. 

My theory is that it will be continue being hard until month 6. Which is why I need to focus on stabilizing my record keeping.