Day 106 & Superhabits

Day 106 Record Keeping SRHI = 70
Day 74 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 73
Day 20 Burpee SRHI= 46 (2x6)
Day 120 Eating SRHI = 57  
Bad sleep, ok wakeup.


There seems to be a lot of vagueness in the literature regarding what a habit is.  I’ve formed habits during this project - they are regular, automated routines I’ve done for a long time, often triggered by certain events. 

But in another sense I haven’t - some authors talk about a habit as something so integrated into you that it’s actually harder to NOT do them that it is to do them.

I don’t think I’ve formed something like that yet - meditation, 750 words, record keeping are habtis. But are they HABITS?

When I stopped 750 words, was it really a struggle? Can I imagine that not meditating or not record keeping would cause me as much of a battle as what people face quitting smoking, or not worrying, or being a morning person?

And the answer is no. Presumably, once I’ve gotten to the 70s in the SRHI, it should, in some interpretations, be so solid it takes more effort to get rid of them than to maintain them, and this is clearly not the case. 750 words diminished surprisingly rapidly.

I’ll have to double check, but I’m willing to bet that Lally’s experiment on how long it takes to form a habit only got test subjects to the 70s. That there is no way a “superhabit” in the 80s was formed  (This bears some research, and I should read her paper again).

If this is the case - and I know it to be the case for me personally - there is much more to uncover when it comes to the entire process of developing habits.