Day 102 & A Second Danger Zone

Day 102 Record Keeping SRHI = 71
Day 70 Fixed Meditation SRHI = 70
Day 16 Burpee SRHI= 55 (2x5 and another few later in the day for fun)
Day 116 Eating SRHI = 61 
Good sleep, good wakeup.

Second Danger Zone Theory

I have been suffering an additional dip in scores from record keeping. This makes me wonder - is there another “danger zone” well after an SRHI of 70 (ish) is initially reached?

It could just be the normal problems I’m having with record keeping - namely, the lack of a precise, “crisp” trigger. 

I’ve changed my intention to “record keeping is the first thing I do after rising from bed.” BUT, I tend to do other things. I go to the bathroom and I get my coffee made, then sit down. Perhaps it should be “after I make my coffee, I do record keeping.”

Another possibility is that the magnitude of the task has increased. I now record 4 SRHI scores each day when at first I had one, and since I do it all by hand, it is quite tedious.

Still another possibility is that habits need to be rotated and charged - I talk about that possibility in THIS blog post.

But there is something that feels…I don’t know…RIGHT about having another dip in the graph. There’s a general boredom of doing the task - a monotony and a annoyance that feels like it fits with other times I’ve had habits.  There is something that tells me that simply reaching the 70’s on the SRHI isn’t the full story. I don’t know what that story is, but it’s something I’m definitely keeping my eyes on for other habits.