Day 1009 & NANOWRIMO 2016 WIN

Day 1009 Record Keeping
Day 981 Fixed Meditation (5 min)
Day 855 Writing (NaNoWriMo Complete - 20,000 words today!!!)
Day 395 Rowing (biked for about 20 minutes)
Day 136 Mobility/Stretching (couch stretch, 1 min each side)
Day 233 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 231 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)

Early to Rise
Day 164 Water
Day 164 Sleep Recording  (12:40|2:11|10:10|10:20)
Day 135 Bedtime Curfew 77

Good sleep, good wakeup. 


Nailed NaNoWriMo in a personal record breaking 5 days. Because of various disruptions (all good) I had to and did write half of it today. 20,000 words. I found that a modified Pomodoro really helped a lot, and really just starting the timer even when I wasn’t ready. I have a theory on this - it seems to work really well for me in other habits, like mobilization and meditation - otherwise there’s a sort of paralysis that occurs because of over thinking it. I think I’m so indoctrinated into thinking that any one instance has to be superb, that I’m not getting on a visceral level that consistency more than covers for it. 

I have a bunch of notes on this, and I’ll post a big article on the fear of starting a task - especially one like writing that has so much fear embedded within it. Lydia asked me if I think it’ll transfer to real work - and I think it will to a certain extent - I think my real work involves a combination of this type of first draft writing, editing, and research, and doing them all seamlessly takes a bit of planning. 

That’s all for another day - I intend to spend the rest of today basking in my win!