Day 1001

Day 1001 Record Keeping
Day 973 Fixed Meditation (20 minutes - excellent)
Day 847 Writing (1 round/30)
Day 387 Rowing (KB HIIT,  8 min, 15s:60, 15s:30, 30s:30)
Day 128 Mobility/Stretching (back stretches)
Day 225 Pantry Check (DID NOT DO)
Day 223 Food Recording (DID NOT DO)
Day 19 Sunday Meal Prep (Moved to today) 78

Early to Rise
Day 156 Water (DID NOT DO)
Day 156 Sleep Recording  (DID NOT DO)
Day 127 Bedtime Curfew 68

Great sleep. Excellent meditation. Changed up my schedule in order to do the majority of my routine before coming downstairs so I’m not distracted by my parents. Tried to change up my HIIT to apply to the kettle bell I have at home - still messing around with something that’s not too easy or not to hard. Did my Sunday Meal Prep today, which is an excellent bump in automaticity. It felt weird not doing it on Sunday but I was utterly busy. Almost did it yesterday, ended up doing it smoothly today, despite having to use zip lock bags and figure out where all the utensils were again.

It’s weird being back. Today I continued to help my mom set up her own habit chart. I’m thinking about having a blank set of docs - the SRHI, an already set up chart, and an implementation intention and mental contrasting worksheet - in order to stream line the process if others are interested.