Day 10 and more on Microcycles and Regimentation


Horrible night sleep - couldn’t get to sleep until it was light outside due to mosquitos. I have a mosquito problem here.

Today is the first day I feel remotely automatic about the action. In the previous days I “caught” myself. Today I felt groggy but it felt more like just going through motions, which to me is a marker of a habituation starting to coalesce. 

The more and more I do this regimentation microcycle thing the more it feels right.  It feels as though it hits two things simultaneously.

Benefits so far: 

1. It lowers the threshold to start a task, preventing procastination
2. It gets me “addicted” to a task - pulls me in yet I’m ripped away from it prematurely, instilling a desire for me to go back to it later.
3. It gives me a boost - there are good feelings from the beginning of the day, almost fooling me into thinking I’ve accomplished a lot because I’ve started and touched on multiple projects I would have just procrastinated on.
4. it legitimately makes me feel good, because some things really don’t take that long.
5. racing the clock initially (if for example, I set a microcycle of 5 minutes per task) kickstarts the addiction. I start my clock before any setup - so if I have to load an email it counts in that 5 minutes. This seems like a side issue, but for me, the beginning simple tasks - getting the email, downloading the document, loading up the writing prompt - are what triggers my procrastination - it becomes a hassle to do those beginning tasks. With a small window of time I’m racing the clock - I’m actually thinking to  myself “hurry up email, load!” - thereby viewing those beginning tasks as an easily surmountable obstacle to get out of the way rather than a hassle that prevents me from getting to the meat of the task.