Automaticity in Eating


Yesterday I had a meal  cooked by Lydia’s family. They were kind enough to do a few pan fried non-battered chile rellenos when everyone else had them battered. On the side was a taco salad - ground beef, greens and veggies and chips.

Not even meaning to, I very automatically ate around the chips!

I think that’s really awesome - I feel like I’m slowly, ever so slowly learning and remembering that I don’t necessarily have to eat what’s in front of me. And it’s not a big deal to pick around it. This is exactly the control I want out of my eating habit.

I don’t think I’ve gotten it down so solidly that it’s a part of who I am, or that I could do this at every meal nowadays. But it’s pretty cool that I can do it at all, even some of the time.

Taking pics and writing about my eating really helps me - as douchey as at looks, it works. I have to figure out some way to incorporate it like I did back when I was doing my no-bread habit - I need this to be cleaned up and fully formed as a solid habit so I can move on!