Day 1817

Day 1817 Record Keeping
Day 1789 Fixed Meditation (20 min = gratitude, vipassana)
Day 1663 Writing (1, 20 min Pomodoro, hard)
Day 1202 Exercise (DID NOT DO)

Day 943 Mobility/Stretching (hand mob with mobility glove)
Day 253 Flossing (All teeth)
Day 138 Groceries (Not necessary)

Horrendous sleep. Had what I think was the low carb flu yesterday as I transition into a strict 90 day paleo eating challenge. Incredibly tiredness and am very unfocused. The night had stomach pains, and I woke up hungover, despite having one drink. I think I’m getting more sensitive to alcohol. Woke up with a persistent headache which lasted all day. Friend dropped in to see me. But I have to say, so far, the eating has been incredibly easy.