Day 1641

Day 1641 Record Keeping
Day 1613 Fixed Meditation (15 min, vipassana)
Day 1487 Writing (3, 20 min Pomodoros, HARD)
Day 1026 Exercise (20 min, biking
Day 767 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, back & erector smash
Day 113 Sunday Groceries
Day 77 Flossing (12 teeth)

Ok sleep. Seriously thinking about moving "Sunday" Groceries to another day. I did it today, and it was much less stressful. I'm also attempting to move up my flossing habit. And I'm getting back into exercise - I've finally changed the name. A part of me is uncertain whether or not to start the habit from scratch. But I guess all habits if properly built require evolving - a change that can either make it, break it, but in either case has it looking very different from the small habit from which it started began.