Day 1627 & Updates After Sickness (Flossing Superhabit)

Day 1627 Record Keeping
Day 1598 Fixed Meditation (10 min, vipassana)
Day 1473 Writing (3, 20 min Pomdoros)
Day 1012 Rowing (DID NOT DO
Day 753 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO
Day 111 Sunday Groceries
Day 63 Flossing (SUPERHABIT, 6 teeth)

Great sleep. 

Updates After Sickness (Flossing Superhabit)

I'm finally back.

I've been sick for almost a month. I thought I was getting over it 9 days ago, but it came back with a vengeance. While it has completely messed up a lot of my individual instances of habits, I have kept a few things up.

First, I've been keeping up my flossing, both recording it and doing it. Flossing is now a SUPERHABIT, after achieving scores in the 80s on the SRHI for the last week. I plan on experimenting on the best ways to stretch the habit, which should be easier since it's a simple matter of counting teeth. This should get me a full 3 dimensional graph of the entire process of long term change from a behavioral standpoint. 

I've also successfully kept up with my Sunday Grocery habit in a new location, and eating has worked pretty damn well. I've been pairing this with a very specific thus far off-blog experiment - a 90 day no beer challenge. I'm on day 19, and the technique I'm using is working both effortlessly and flawlessly. More on that in a later post. 

I'll also be posting on two other projects. The first, a new take on getting up early, got interrupted by my sickness, but I think I still got some interesting data from it. The second, on writing, is still a work in progress, but I hope to soon set up trials on how to level that up shortly.

But before all that, I intend to slowly get back to my full complement of habits at levels back before my sickness.