Day 1561

Day 1561 Record Keeping
Day 1532 Fixed Meditation (10 min, gratitude)
Day 1407 Writing (6, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 946 Rowing (40 min, walk
Day 687 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, back smash & hip stretch)

Great sleep. I really feel my capacity to do more has expanded today. It's an odd feeling - my schedule has been all over the place, and work has been interrupting the discharge of other habits. My mobility and exercise habits are still unsteady. Yet across every skill, I just feel I can push. I can't tell if this is a result of simply being more stable in terms of life, or it's as a result of rotating what I do every day for things like meditation and exercise.

I feel like I'm chomping at the bit for those two habits in particular. It feels like the natural bump you get after establishing a Tiny Habit. After that bump progress seems to naturally plateau. And it has been really difficult to force habits, mostly for time. I've resisted even a 5 minute increase. I'm curious if oscillating skills every day somehow causes the skill to want to grow.

Either way, I'm going to figure out what to do. The danger in these times has always been either trying to bite off more than I can chew (resulting in some sort of collapse), or just lolling in indecision.