Day 1583

Day 1583 Record Keeping
Day 1554 Fixed Meditation (30 min, Vipassana/tantra)
Day 1429 Writing (5, 20 min Pomodoros, hard)
Day 968 Rowing (
Day 709 Mobility/Stretching (15
 min, back work)
Day 19 Flossing (SRHI = 67, 6 teeth)

Great sleep. Meditation has been super intense lately, and it has left me very unfocused for the rest of the day. The lag I've had this last week between my meditation session and actually starting in on writing has caused me to move over my workouts so they either have to happen fast or not at all before I cook for dinner. The good thing is that my eating has been almost flawless with very little effort due to this new structured randomizing of meals.