Day 1490 & Back From Italy

Day 1490 Record Keeping
Day 1461 Fixed Meditation (DID NOT DO)
Day 1336 Writing (8 13 min Pomodoros)
Day 875 Rowing (
Day 616 Mobility/Stretching (DID NOT DO
Day 266 Social Media (STOPPED)

Great sleep. Back from Italy. Got back a bit sooner on the horse in terms of recording and doing habits. I think it might be beneficial to start adding my routine bit by bit when starting back up again. This trip took a lot out of me, so I was surprised to be back at it in any capacity after only one day off. This day had me doing a lot of work. I think I have really nailed down my failure to start and approaching difficult writing. It may have solved a lot of my procrastination issues totally.

I really didn't want to work today, but just did my ego-depletion protocol and after only getting halfway through, felt energetic enough to do a lot of work. These next two weeks will be really weird, as I will be moving out of Spain. This will mean that my rowing may well take a hit since I intend on getting rid of my rower. I also want to focus on getting my proposal out, so I'll be focusing on that, as well as all the sundry cleaning and purging that will be necessary to leave.

I've decided to hold off on social media for now. All the Cal Newport I've read on focusing on the important tasks like getting better at writing, plus my solution to procrastination has me really wanting to focus on that now. It may be something I add in later, but we'll see.