Day 1677

Day 1677 Record Keeping
Day 1649 Fixed Meditation (10 jhana, 10 tantra, 10 vipassana, 10 scrolling, 10 metta)
Day 1523 Writing (3, 20 min Pomodoros)
Day 1062 Exercise (15 min walking/running, 15 min biking, 15 min elliptical)

Day 803 Mobility/Stretching (15 min, hip stretch, back & foot smash)
Day 113 Flossing (ALL TEETH!)

Good sleep. Incredibly productive day in terms of output. Modulating tasks within habit brackets seems to be working really well, but is it sustainable? Flossed all teeth today, we’ll see if this too is sustainable. If so, it’s very close to my first fully complete habit.