Day 1691

Day 1691 Record Keeping
Day 1663 Fixed Meditation (45 min = 15 min metta, 15 min vipassana, 15 min gratitude)
Day 1537 Writing (DID NOT DO)
Day 1076 Exercise (3X5 35/40 lb dumbbell clean and press
Day 817 Mobility/Stretching (15 min back & shoulder smash, hip stretch)
Day 127 Flossing (All teeth)

Bad sleep. Decided to finally add weights since I have access to a small gym through my apartment complex. I wanted to do a hard, olympic style, whole body lift to start out with. I settled on a clean and press. It’s hard - I haven’t done olympic style lifts since high school. But it definitely took a lot out of me and felt good.

Later I looked through Becoming a Supple Leopard to add different mobilizations. The shoulder smash was a good addition because I know I’ll have problems with the pressing aspect of the lift. But then I found detailed descriptions of proper form for all of the olympic lifts - this book really just keeps giving!

I’m highly prone to injury and muscle tweaking - reading about the lift and the associated mobilizations made me think I might actually be ahead of the injury prevention game this time around.