Day 1238 & An Ego Depletion Scale

Day 1238 Record Keeping
Day 1210 Fixed Meditation (15 min)
Day 1085 Writing (3 Pomodoros, hard)
Day 624 Rowing
(20 min, 2900 m)
Day 365 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, hip & plantar smash
Day 15 Social Media (10 min, SRHI = 59)

Day 53 Monday Meal Prep (48 min for 6 split lunches, 4 dinners planned)

Early to Rise
Day 393 Sleep Recording  (12:40|1:10|8|11)
Day 364 Bedtime Curfew
Day 202 Wakeup Alarm

Ok sleep. Really low on energy, completely drained on Friday, hence the skipped recording. Today was pretty difficult, but I used my rudimentary ego-depletion protocol after sitting around procrastinating at my computer. It worked. I'd like to do an experiment on this, and after a bit of research found an ego depletion scale. The original paper describing it is hard to track down, but there is what looks to be a dissertation posted online from the Netherlands that has the scale in its appendix. 

This is interesting in that it gives me a metric to measure states of ego depletion and how best to practically circumvent them. It also, if inverted, could potentially give me a willpower metric, something that's been sorely missing in my larger theory, and could get me a step closer in coming up with a self-help equation.