Day 1177 & Day 3 of Mobility Overhaul

Day 1177 Record Keeping
Day 1149 Fixed Meditation (15 min)
Day 1024 Writing (2 rounds/30 min)
Day 563 Rowing
(rowing, 21 min/2800 m)
Day 304 Mobility/Stretching (20 min, double leg plantar flexion, T-spine and lower spine smash)

Early to Rise
Day 332 Sleep Recording  (2:45|3:26|10|11)
Day 303 Bedtime Curfew (DID NOT DO)
Day 141 Wakeup Alarm

Ok, but unsatisfying sleep. Ego depleted. Late night international call had me in bed later. Excellent mobility, but exhausted in rowing. Just got my tumblr blogged migrated to this website - this is my first post here!