Day 1371

Day 1371 Record Keeping
Day 1343 Fixed Meditation (10 min, metta/vipassana/tantra)
Day 1218 Writing (1 Pomodoro)
Day 757 Rowing (10 min/1400 m
Day 498 Mobility/Stretching (10 min, back smash
Day 148 Social Media (SRHI = 77, 20 min, Quora answer)

Good sleep. My habits have been all over the place. Since coming back I've been trying to just jump into growing my habits from where they were before my extensive travels. It has resulted in a bunch of missed instances, so I'm going to take Lydia's advice and start at very lowered minimums to get my routine down for a week or two. Yesterday I didn't do anything and I think my mind was just giving up at doing higher daily minimums. Today worked well at lowered minimums.