A picture from my walking route this morning. I’m rather spoiled with this, especially since it’s only a block or two away.

It’s only been Day 4 in this new habit, and I’ve already realized how badly I’ve prepped for it. On Day 2 it rained horribly all day long. Obviously I should have all my contingency plans lined up. 

The idea is to walk for an hour in total, and if it’s raining, do some kettlebell swings in my house instead.

As a part of the habit, I enjoy listening to music on my phone - so proper planning involves charging that….and I always normally forget to charge it.

All of this is going to get very difficult when I travel around for the World Cup in a month from now. It’ll be 3 weeks of travel, sometimes very early - having my contingencies and implementation intentions in line will be key through getting through it.