The Weekend Power of Habit

I endeavored to take this weekend off. 

I automatically did all my habits on Saturday. And I did several of my habits yesterday (Sunday). There was a point where I was out with a friend and we had planned to go to a place that had only clean meals. We instead went to a Tex Mex place (my kryptonite). 

I automatically ordered a salad. It came completely covered with fried tortilla strips. And I just automatically pushed them to the side and ate everything else.

This is actually working. It’s something that I don’t really believe because the results aren’t immediate. But it’s in moments like that where I begin to understand that my self control is shooting through the roof - that’s definitely no the person I was 1 year ago.

My weekend in general was incredibly relaxing. I am starting to really focus on regimentation and am now really convinced that the art of regimentation is a significant and important part of this project. I think it’s something that most people have problems with - the ability to be completely caught up in something and just, in the next moment, completely forget about it. I think an inability to do this results in massive leaks in self discipline across time.