Taking Days Off

Yesterday I took the day off. 

It was fantastic.

I woke up late because I had problems sleeping. But then instead of just getting grumpy and not doing anything I went out to grab lunch. Then we went to an arcade. Then I talked to my friend, then went to check out an archery place to see if we could practice on their shooting range. It was too busy, so I ended up playing ping pong.

That entire day was effortless and fun. Normally I’m so tired after doing my habits - it’s been taking a toll especially since I’m not only adding new habits, but I’m trying to break out of what I view are several plateaus. I just don’t have the will to do more later in the day - especially since some habits take a lot of will, and that sometimes takes a long time to finish.

Lydia takes weekends off, and she urges me to do the same. 

I feel bad about it today, but I wonder if it’s a good thing to recharge me. I don’t think that it would be good for habits I’m trying to form, because the greater the frequency the better the scores for stabilizing the habit. But what about superhabits?

I’m still mulling this over. 

Active rest is a huge part of exercise cycles - shouldn’t it be a part of habit cycles? But more so the point of doing all of this is to help me better experience life - isn’t having a fun Sunday a part of that?

I don’t know.