Self-Discipline in 10 Days - Day 9

Day 9 talks about preparation - it’s one of my favorite concepts in self-help - that luck is simply where “preparation meets opportunity.”

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

The exercise makes a connection between relaxation and discipline - the more relaxed you are, the more disciplined you are.

I knew that there was an indirect connection, but when I think of my own response to self discipline I find this correlation fairly true. When I stress, I get more like a perfectionist, and I also get stressed which leads me directly into procrastination.

The book advocates practicing relaxing through tensing and relaxing muscles. I find deep breath work works even better, and I’ve recently started working with pranayama for relaxation. The most relaxed and focused I’ve ever felt was in a yoga class - and I recently contacted that specific teacher to see if he had published anything regarding pranayama - he had, an album that I just downloaded on iTunes. I’ll get into that in another post.