Self-Discipline in 10 Days - A Plan of Action

The book has a great step by step process for creating a plan.

  • Pick a goal
  • Choose a launch date
  • A broken down list for the action
  • List a reward next to each step
  • Cross them off as you do them
  • Analyze/Review progress

I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks and I’ve found that the broken down list of simple actions is invaluable. The biggest problem actions are the simplest ones - simply opening the software. I’ve put all these broken up steps into a Google docs spreadsheet, where I change cells green as I finish them - this gives the whole process a gamified feel - often times the only real reward for programs like Duolingo is that something flashes green and you get an “atta boy” sound.

For me so far, that’s all that has been needed. I’ve modified the progression to have a slot for brief relaxation, visualization, and affirmations. I also have another slot to plan what my next writing will be about.

I did all this because of Review step - which is also a slot in my spreadsheet - is invaluable and important for course corrections - it gives me a moment where I can reflect and streamline the whole process. Previously I had problems not having at least one idea already lined up, and adding that additional step made things easier.