Regimentation Strategies and a Rudimentary Scale

Here’s my first rough Scale for Regimentation:

1) When I do a scheduled task I do not think of other tasks
2) When I end a scheduled task I do not continue to think of it afterwards
3) I am able to leave off thinking of work when work is done
4) I don’t work when it’s not time to work
5) There is a strong line between work and non-work for me
6) Work stress doesn’t tend to worry me out during non work times
7) I quickly get into a relaxed state once I finish work

Each question is a 7 point Likert Scale as is the Grit Scale and the SRHI. Do not agree at all = 1, Strongly agree = 7. I just took this and I scored a 17 our of a possible 49 points. Which sounds about right.

Some possible additions?
-I tend to put off tasks (procrastination seems to be a factor in regimentation)
-I tend to ramp up and ramp down depending if it’s work or relaxation (might be too simple to question #7

Some Strategies:

“Sticky” or Absorptive Hobbies 
Not looking at things like Facebook/work email
Spend time outside
Try to steer clear of staring at a computer screen.
Having weekends
Charting out a schedule for free time - I have a  tendency to let everything drop which inevitably leaves me feeling like I didn’t DO anything during my free time. Some amount of lazing is great, but total lazing makes me feel like I didn’t quite relax enough, as odd as that sounds.
Having an intention to not think of work stuff and to relax