Next Habit?

Here’s a list of further habits I want to start. And again, think of this in context of what does the AVERAGE IDEAL PERSON have. When I think of this I think of what my mother would say to me as a kid - Jason has great grades, Brian has great posture, he does this, she does that. What does that mythical ideal person who has “it together” do?

-Language learning
-Learning a musical instrument
-A slot for general learning
-Social media
-Waking up early
-Making my bed

All the other times I’ve talked about this, it’s always been the same thing - EVERYTHING is important! EVERYTHING had to be established years ago! Getting up early charges all my list of tasks because I have more time. Social media, programming, and my general learning slot would all be nice because they would help with work and life in general (I need to migrate my blog). My finances really need to be looked at and organized. AND a general learning slot would mean a rotating daily schedule, which would highly contribute to my theorized habit singularity.

BUT I’m really leaning towards doing a task that’s easy, both psychological and doesn’t really have plateaus and need to be scaled. Something nice and boring, and I think that’s flossing. 

I’m still mulling it over