It is supremely ironic that on day 300 I was traveling and it passed by without me really knowing.

This is a huge, huge milestone. I don’t think I’ve done anything with this much deliberateness ever in my life for so long.

What’s great is that it’s no big deal in my consciousness….It felt like another day, going through the same procedure…Which is totally what a HABIT should feel like. 

I’m not some guy huffing and puffing to cross a finish line in his mind - I’m not dieting for 3 months or sprinting for 5 minutes - this is lifetime change that I’m trying to inculcate, and I think it shows that I’m starting to do it.

What’s hilarious is that though I’ve made immense changes in these past 300 days if I step back and look at it all from a longer lens, it’s not that long at all. It’s not even a full year.

That makes me terribly excited about the next year, and the one after that. In process oriented thinking it’s about the long game - the one that solidly increase the odds of life. I’ve done so much so far, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the future.