How Lack of Proper Weekly Planning Caused Depletion And Messed up Progress in My Week

Like my title? Couldn’t think of one.

So yesterday my project went of course - I ended up getting quite depleted. Willpower reserves 0 after bashing my head into my writing habit. And not really having direction in my marketing habit. This caused me to mess up eating and not record yesterday. Why did this happen?

A number of reasons. One was not properly planning my week. I scheduled a bunch of tasks for Monday which I KNEW I wasn’t going to finish. So I spend the rest of the week trying to catch up, which is not a good feeling, AND it ended up messing up the course of other things I had to do later in the week.

So first - properly plan things out. A part of that is to really break a part tasks. I can’t just say - “Throw up a huge post with pics on my website.”

That task isn’t one task - it’s writing the post, it’s editing it, it’s sourcing the pictures, etc. By NOT breaking it up I am encoding failure in the planning part of my week - I’ve guaranteed failure.

Breaking up tasks is also important because it contributes to a flow state. You get the most progress by having small accomplishable tasks that are challenging that you can go through. Each victory contributes to a momentum of success.

Secondly get up earlier.  I have a sleeping problem. Whenever I wake up late, like I’ve been doing since being in Houston, I wake up behind. Everything shifts. I wake up, and people want me to do stuff. I’m always several steps behind. I’m beginning to understand why a lot of authors got up early early in the morning. There’s no way to get into a groove if you’re being rushed.

But it’s not particularly surprising that all this happened. I’m BAD at planning, and this was only the second time during this project I’ve ever really done it. It really should be a habit for me, as should an early morning wakeup schedule.