Future Personal Finance Habit Ideas

I recently came across a Khan Academy link:

Khan is apparently joining up with Bank of America to promote better finance habits. Khan Academy is one of many online resources I want to explore to record, keep track, and optimize my finances. It’s something I know many people have problems with, but I feel it’s something that people just put off, convincing themselves it’ll get taken care of “one day.”

This is like so many habits that fall through the cracks. But with this, it’s about money, and in saving correctly it behooves you to start early.

The personal subreddit is another resource, one that comes up on my main Reddit feed. And there are a series of threads on people panicking about what to do with debt over their head, or even more moderate threads on saving - but in either case immediacy seems to be the main thrust of the advice.

I haven’t researched it yet, but I’ve heard several pieces of advice on Reddit that involve just recording everything. And that’s probably where I would start.

It’s hilarious that in this day and age of the internet there are so many resources freely available, yet people seemed to be utterly incapable of making use of them. There’s just too much out there, and consistency and focus becomes more and more of a problem. We have the knowledge but thoroughly grasping it all has escaped us. Which makes this project all the more vital.