A Habit Singularity

I was talking the other day with Lydia and she seem to think that I might be approaching a time of explosive regimentation in my habit project.

The way she described it was like the technological singularity, where the rate of technological progress explodes and accelerates beyond comprehension. 

At first I didn’t understand, but going over my progress and where I’m heading it starts to get interesting. 

I am starting to veer off of traditional habits into slotted habits where individual activity can be exchanged for cross training. For example, my pushup habit has now evolved into a pushup progression one day, a HIIT another day, and core exercise day.

Meditation has evolved into doing different types of meditations, writing has become writing, pitching, blogging, editing, and doing writing exercises depending on the day. I talked about this HERE when I discussing introducing cycling to all my habits.

What other habits are left? A recording finance habit, learning a musical instrument, flossing, and a general learning habit. Almost everything else can be enfolded into this cycling, slotting, regimentation thing. 

Do finances need to be recorded every day, or could they be folded in a general all-around slot? That slot can also handle learning about social media, photography, etc. Meditation can be expanded to Tummo training, bodyweight training to martial arts, breakdancing and parkour. The time of an idealized complete habit structure might not be too far off, and with cycling all habits are multiplied.

That’s a very strange idea to think of. It reminds me a lot of some descriptions the Kwisatz Haderach in Frank Herbert’s Dune. That’s particularly funny to me because Dune is the book that really influenced me and got me into all this self improvement stuff in the first place.